Meet the locals behind Wemindji Tourism

Here at Wemindji Tourism, we put a lot of emphasis on the people in our community — after all, it is the people that makes Wemindji such a unique and wonderful place to visit. Our team is truly one-of-a-kind, so don’t doubt for a minute that we will make your trip to our home personal, enjoyable, and memorable.

Ernie Hughyboy Captain

Born and raised in Wemindji, Captain Ernie “Duke” has been out on the waters of the James Bay since he could walk. Our beloved captain originally got his sea legs for hunting and fishing purposes, learning the tricks of the trade from local Cree experts. As he gained more experience, he went professional and became the captain for Moosonee Transport Limited. After providing his expertise there for several years, he decided to branch out… He has completed excursions for scientific marine research projects and provided taxi services for Old Factory Bay visits.

James Edward Georgekish

The James Bay experience is something that James absolutely lives for. He participates in many of the excursions put on by Wemindji Tourism since he is a trained and certified captain and tour guide. He has dedicated his life to working with and on boats, and his happy-go-lucky personality makes him a remarkable guide for your time in Wemindji.

Henry Stewart

A certified SVOP (small vehicle operator proficiency) marine captain, a ranger, the director of public works for the Cree Nation of Wemindji, a hunter, and a trapper… Can you tell Henry has a multitude of interests? Not only that, but he has also been on the fire department’s search and rescue team since 1993. His extensive knowledge of the James Bay area and experience in cold-water rescue further add to his resume and make him an invaluable asset to the Wemindji Tourism team.

Chuck Matches

Another jack-of-all-trades, Chuck proudly serves as the director for the Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association, holds a certificate in community and coastal tour guiding, and has a surplus of wilderness first aid training. On top of his in-depth knowledge of Cree culture and the James Bay, his wilderness survival skills are immeasurable. Chuck is someone you want by your side outdoors!